Kara Erickson is a writer, teacher, creative intuitive, and manifesting artist who lives and breathes planning wellness and mindfulness- focused events in NYC and L.A. She is the co-founder of Well-being in the Modern Age and a workshop series called Intuitive Holistic Healing. She cultivated her love and knowledge for all things related to transformation, self- healing, spirituality, and holistic wellness through immersion and self- study. She has produced events in collaboration with RA MA Institute NYC, The Numinous, Mo Gawdat of Google X, Coco-Mat USA, Tournesol Wellness, SHAKTIBARRE, Sixth Street Community Center in NYC, and Shaman Durek, Native Hotel, Coco La Vie, OneTaste, Surfrider Hotel, and Lindström Rugs in LA.

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- Marian Bacol-Uba // Show Notes


GROOMED LA PODCAST - July 8th, 2018 


"Kara Erickson is a leading voice in the wellness scene. She is the co-creator, with Anna Lundgaard, of WITMA which I am obsessively in love with, after attending earlier this year. WITMA is: 


So, you can see how deeply I appreciate Kara’s mission. But my question is, what drives one to seek path out as a career? Kara and I break it all down together. What attracted her to wellness and healing and how her life leading up to this led her to creating this space for thinkers to come together and share their paths to healing, wellness and more. Check in for a fun, inspired chat and get to know Kara, follow her now so you can stay tuned and clued in to everything she’s up to. If you are on the path (you know the one I’m talking about!) then you for sure want to gather some stones from the one she’s tearing through and skip it along with her."

-Emily Wagner // Show Notes


VOYAGELA - May 8th, 2018

"Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
There’s been a lot of struggles – personally, professionally, financially, mentally, physically – all of the struggles! It’s hard being the kind of person interested in so many things because I felt like I could make any path work and didn’t want to close off any opportunities. So, I would say yes, yes, yes to everything and find myself completely depleted and not supported in the ways I needed to be to operate in my full potential. I let myself worry incessantly about things entirely out of my control and often felt like I was a self-destructive roadblock keeping myself from my best life. I think this is a never-ending struggle, but the person I am now because of the experiences I’ve been through is completely different from who I was. I still struggle with feeling limited by various circumstances and am always learning how to let go of the need to control. I am constantly trying to master how to truly enjoy life and trust the process no matter how badly I want to label what I go through as good or bad, and letting go of how I imagine my actions and words are perceived by others."

THE S-LIFE MAG - OCT !6th, 2017

"The wellness world can feel somewhat contrived these days, but women like Kara Erickson and Anna Lundgaard are striving to bring it back to its roots. These two women have a calling for crafting events that invite creatives, mystics, and people striving for authentic, higher consciousness. They experienced great success with this format earlier this fall with their live pop-up conversation series entitled Well-being in the Modern AgeBy curating conversations with comedians, CEOS, shamans, performance artists, and business founders (our very own Danielle + Whitney were panelists), they're continuing to explore new ways to invigorate the wellness community by offering up "practical methods for living a healthy and connected life."

Sitting down with these two dreamers, manifestors, and creators we enjoyed learning their takes on the importance of self-care, legacy and where this all-too-buzzy "wellness" movement is taking us."