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KARA ERICKSON IS A WRITER, CREATIVE INTUITIVE, AND MANIFESTING ARTIST WHO currently lives in miami, fl.  SHE CULTIVATED HER LOVE AND KNOWLEDGE FOR ALL THINGS RELATED TO personal development, SELF-HEALING, SPIRITUALITY, AND integrative WELLNESS THROUGH IMMERSION AND SELF-STUDY.  MOST RECENTLY, She became the chief creative officer of deathproof university, set to launch in may 2019.

Kara was previously the Director of Events for Integral Fitness' Conscious Family Dinner series in NYC, where she produced collaborative events on a monthly basis.  She also co-founded and produced the live, pop-up conversation series Well-being in the Modern Age, or WITMA until moving on in February 2019.

Kara was born and raised in Santa Rosa, CA and went to high school in Scottsdale, AZ.  She attended Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA and got a degree in Media Production with a Film Studies emphasis while simultaneously falling in love with Southern California. 

After a few stints in the entertainment industry, she got a job in broadcast television ad sales which gave her the opportunity to move to DC during the 2016 election, where she specialized in political ad sales as an Account Executive.  She then was relocated to NYC, where her new life and career began to manifest and take form almost instantly.

She has since consulted and provided support for companies such as MYNDfull, Of the Wolves, Foundermade, Divya's Kitchen/Bhagavat Life, The Class by Taryn Toomey, and Doing/Living Marketplace.

She has produced events in NYC in collaboration with RA MA Institute NYC, The Numinous, Mo Gawdat of Google X, Coco-Mat USA, Tournesol Wellness, SHAKTIBARRE, Sixth Street Community Center in NYC, and ADAY amongst others. In LA she has produced events and led workshops in collaboration with RA MA Institute Venice, OneTaste LA, Shaman Durek, Native Hotel with Victoria Keen, Surfrider Hotel with Erin Ward, Coco la Vie, Lindström Rugs, MindTravel Music with Murray Hidary, and Unplug Meditation - Santa Monica.

She has contributed writing pieces for The Numinous, Thrive Global, VoyageLA, and The S-Life Mag.  She has done Instagram takeovers for LAKA Living, KnockoutLA, and Wellness Official.


Kara Erikson Creative Intuitive
Kara Erikson
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